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    Intelligent Constant Pressure Cabinet



    一、 恒壓供水控制柜特點:


    I. Characteristics: Intelligent constant pressure water supply, in replacement of variable-frequency drive, uses intermittent working pump without frequently starting. Working stably, reliable and durable, it is power-saving and worry-free. It is applicable to all kinds of high and constant pressure water supply, integrating with digital transmission and control. With 10V of safe voltage for power supply, the product is safe and reliable. It has simple circuit with direct control AC contactor coil.


    II. Advantages:

    1、 恒壓供水,電機間歇工作,節電明顯,且延長電機壽命。

    1. Constant pressure water supply with intermittent working electric machine, saving a lot of electricity and extending the electric machine’s life.


    2. Power supply with AC pure sine, protecting the electric machine and extending its life. 


    3. The electric machine rotates in a uniform speed, extending its life.


    4. Sharply reduce costs and expenses. 


    5. Have wide range of application for being able to normally operate in the environment with the temperature at 70℃.


    6. Automatic power off upon phase-failure, over-current and over-voltage circumstances, protecting the electric machine and extending its life.


    7. High-power electric machine is started by variable current, extending the machine’s life.

    三、 恒壓供水控制柜安裝方法:

    III. Installation Method:

    1、 將恒壓傳感器(10V電壓)安裝于供水管道上(外絲公制銅質螺紋,直徑20mm),實現恒溫恒壓則裝于管道末端電磁閥附近。

    1. Install the Constant Pressure Sensor (10V of Voltage) in the Water supply pipeline (copper thread for the external thread of metric system,20mm in diameter), or near the electron magnetic valve in the end of the pipeline to achieve constant temperature and pressure.

    2、 調節供水壓力上限數值(******值)和供水壓力下限數值(最小值)。供水壓力始終恒定于上限數值與下限數值區間內。

    2. Adjust the upper limit value (maximum value) and lower limit value (minimum value) of the water supply pressure. The water supply pressure shall always be constant in the range between maximum value and minimum value.

    3、 將恒壓傳感器信號線接柜內壓線排(端子)對應顏色,自左至右:黃、藍、紅三色。

    3. Connect signal lines of the constant pressure senor to the corresponding colors in the wiring board (terminal), respectively yellow, blue and red from left to right.

    4、 將泵的電源線接柜內交流接觸器輸出端子(或過流端子)。

    4. Connect the power line of the pump to the output terminal of AC contactor (or the terminal of over current).

    5、 25KW以上泵將電機三組線圈的接線首端子,D1、D2、D3按順序接右1接觸器的T1、T2、T3觸點;尾端子D6、D4、D5接右2接觸器的T1、T2、T3觸點。務必接對。  

    5. Connect the first terminal blocks D1, D2 and D3 of the pump of above 25KW, in sequence to contactors T1, T2 and T3 of the right 1 contactor; Contact the end terminals D6, D4 and D5 in sequence to the contactors T1, T2 and T3 of the right 2 contactor. The connections must be made right. 

    規格:     1型 AC220V/50HZ(60HZ),   1KW 以下泵

               3型 AC380V/50HZ(60HZ),   3KW 以下泵

               5型 AC380V/50HZ(60HZ),   5KW 以下泵

               11型AC380V/50HZ(60HZ),  11KW以下泵。

               15型AC380V/50HZ(60HZ),  15KW以下泵。

               20型 AC380V/50HZ(60HZ),  20KW以下泵。

               25型AC380V/50HZ(60HZ),  25KW以下泵。

    Specifications: Type 1 AC220V / 50HZ (60HZ), pump of below 1KW 

                      Type 3 AC380V / 50HZ (60HZ), pump of below 3KW 

                      Type 5 AC380V / 50HZ (60HZ), pump of below 5KW

                      Type 11 AC380V / 50HZ (60HZ), pump of below 11KW

                      Type 15 AC380V / 50HZ (60HZ), pump of below 15KW 

                     Type 20 AC380V / 50HZ (60HZ), pump of below 20KW 

                      Type 25 AC380V / 50HZ (60HZ), pump of below 25KW


    Note: Starting circuit with adjustable current can be increased according to customer requirements.

    四、 本恒壓供水控制柜控制泵功率

    IV. Power of the Constant Pressure Cabinet’s control pump

                              三相    單相   

                  three-phase      single-phase 

    五、 安裝示意圖(注意:止回閥(軸向)必須與地面垂直安裝)

    V. Installation Diagram (Note: The check valve (axial direction

    ) must be installed vertical to the ground.)



    恒壓傳感器(安裝于回水管末端)constant pressure sensor (installed on the end of the return pipe)

    電磁閥(安裝于回水管末端)electron magnetic valve (installed on the end of the return pipe)

    溫度傳感器temperature sensor

    水源 water source

    水泵 water pump

    止回閥 check valve

    DF1(electron magnetic valve)

    Diagram 1

     恒壓傳感器(安裝于回水管末端)constant pressure sensor (installed on the end of the return pipe)

    DF1電磁閥(electron magnetic valve)

    止回閥 check valve

    水泵 water pump

    水源 water source

    Diagram 2

    Electron magnetic valve and temperature sensor may not be installed when there is no temperature requirement.


    Qingdao Qianhe Electronic Co., Ltd. 

    全國免費電話: 400-6997-567 

    National toll-free telephone: 400-6997-567

    電話:0532-88166023     88166023

    Tel: 0532-88166023/88166023


    Website: http://www.the-job-master.com

    地址:山東省青島市黃島區西城區(原膠南市)烽臺路88號  千和電子樓

    Address: Qianhe Electronic Building, No. 88, Fengtai Road, Xic

    heng District (former Jiaonan City), Huangdao District, Qingdao, Shandong, China.

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